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At eSafe we are committed to developing long term, value add partnerships with our customers. We will:

  • Reduce your operational cost (administration, warehousing, inventory)
  • Increase your productivity
  • Improve OHS compliance
  • Reduce wastage
  • Offer Australian and New Zealand compliant, quality products

eSafe specialises in automation of processes and electronic reporting of consumable product usage. This allows you, the customer, to be in in control of your consumable product spend by providing:

  • Accurate tracking of current inventory – who used what and when – down to the employee and item
  • Timely and accurate inventory replenishment and maintenance processes to reduce carrying costs and stock-outs, while increasing uptime and safety compliance
  • Serialised tool tracking and location – using RFID technology – to support industry compliance and reduce downtime spent searching for missing/lost tools or supplies
  • Round-the-clock access to tools, consumables and safety materials and supplies located near work cells – through point-of-use solutions – to improve productivity, safety and efficiency
  • Accurate tracking of inventory records to improve procurement processes and reduce waste
  • Digital signatures for greater accountability across all departments and locations

CribMaster Inventory Management Systems

Take control of indirect materials across the enterprise to streamline operations

As a market leader for more than two decades, CribMaster have equipped thousands of companies with innovative technologies and inventory management solutions to simplify their indirect material processes. CribMaster feature rich solutions enable companies to drive inefficiencies out of their operations by delivering:

  • Advanced technology and systems integration
  • The market’s broadest selection of customisable inventory management solutions
  • A unified software platform connecting every device and solution component, allowing maximum configurability, to meet your evolving business needs.
    Combining the most flexible software and hardware available with world-class customer service and support, we provide customers with real-time, actionable intelligence to raise productivity and reduce costs.

CribMaster solutions address critical indirect material concerns

Learn more about the inventory issues we solve.

  • Capture and analyse real-time data for every transaction in a single database with CribMaster Inventory Control System software. The Enterprise Version adds powerful capabilities enabled by Oracle and SQL Server Enterprise databases.
  • Keep consumables and durables in stock and within reach wherever they’re needed–with tight access control defined by you–using various industrial vending options.
  • Improve loss prevention, save search time, and maintain safety compliance by adding RFID tracking into your operations.
  • Increase employee accountability and streamline maintenance with effective tool control.
  • Customise sets of your durable tools and tooling with a wide array of tool kitting options. Choosing CribMaster means implementing proven solutions that will grow along your business, brought to you by the most experienced, customer-centric team in the industry. The talented eSafe team of professionals at Endeavour Foundation and CribMaster can ensure your operation is equipped to tackle financial challenges your company is faced with.

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eSafe provides vending services, including full replenishment activities using our highly experienced merchandising staff. Vendor managed warehouse inventory is also provided by eSafe Account Managers. Both systems have fully integrated electronic reporting.

By combining these services with our on-site clothing and footwear sizing services, embroidery and digitised printing, eSafe is the complete provider for your safety needs.

If you are looking to reduce cost in your operations we can help.

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